March 2019 

Well 1944 wasn't a great year for me :) but being part of this short film was a great experience.

February 18th 2019

New Headshot, Great photographer, better vintage :) Thank you Eli Percy Photography! 

January 28th 2019

I remember that "choosing the right words" was always a never ending challenge while training with Bill Esper. As we used to say at the Studio, wording is one of the artist's struggle: a chase for truth and authenticity. So truthfully, I can’t imagine...

December 14th 2018

12 years later the great Bobby Funaro and I meet again and work on a project together (a special thought goes to our beloved friend Justin Lee Peterson!). Wonderful read of Jon Freda's "SAY NOTHING". The time is 1941 and in AMERICA Italians are being...

October 26th 2018

Red Dead Redemption II by Rockstar Games is coming out today and it may be the most realistic video game ever made. I’m excited to finally be able to announce that I had the pleasure of playing a small role in the game. Come and find me in the Wild Wes...

August 27th 2018

Meet Andreas Masseria, my newest character. I play the head of the Masseria crime family in a new project called INFILTRATED currently in pre-production and scheduled to shoot in 2019. Keep up with us on Instagram @nightmodenme or on Facebook @Infiltrat...

July 15th 2018 

Getting ready for the martini shot!

April 21st 2018

Congrats to the entire production team and cast of Lady Hunters for being selected at the Manhattan Film Festival. Great job Angela Atwood! 

March 23rd 2018

Recording some new VO spots for Vistaprint!

March 2nd 2018

Mystery Man at work

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