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Tribute to Bill Esper (1932-2019)

January 28th 2019

I remember that "choosing the right words" was always a never ending challenge while training with Bill Esper. As we used to say at the Studio, wording is one of the artist's struggle: a chase for truth and authenticity. So truthfully, I can’t imagine an exhaustive and satisfying Elegy with words to honor Bill Esper's legacy. Probably he was the definition of an extraordinary human being with many gifts: a little bit of an anthropologist, a little bit of a soul whisperer, and possibly a little bit of a clairvoyant. A modern Socrates that crafted his Maieutic with humor, through the art of acting and human relationships. He reshaped the life of many and luckily I happen to be one of those. After experiencing a tragic loss, Bill welcomed me to his Studio with kindness and compassion. He became my Master acting teacher for many years together with other wonderful teachers at the William Esper Studio conservatory program. He gracefully helped me to illuminate and set free the best and the worst versions of me. Thank you Bill for having taught me to find my strength in my vulnerability and for being so inspiring to all of us. Now I can't really say I will miss you, because I just took a peek out of the window and it looks like that from today on, the Sun has gained a new ray of light and it's definitively shining brighter..Ha! I knew it. There you are, illuminating the way from above! 🌞Love, Fulvio.

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